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A Brand and Online Presence for a National AI Centre Of Excellence

Roche Canada had recently initiated and invested in an Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence (AICoE) that would be a connecting point for collaboration with the expertise of national AI leaders such as Amii, Mila and the Vector Institute.


The purpose of the organization is to deliver quality AI-based solutions that optimize and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery, improve health outcomes, and enable Canada to learn and nimbly respond to opportunities and potential challenges in the healthcare system. The AICoE was looking for a name that would serve them better than their working acronym, brand positioning, a visual identity and online presence to represent the organization both internally and externally. Recognizing that the success of AI solutions is ultimately dependent upon collaboration between scientists and everyday people, it was important for Roche to reflect this human connection at the heart of their initiative with the new branding.


With Pivot’s collaborative and strategic User-centred design process we worked very closely with a variety of stakeholders both internal and external to work through creative solutions. From our early understanding phase we generated our qualitative insight through worksessions with the team. We collaborated on naming, positioning and the visual brand identity and landed on the chosen name–AIR (AI with Roche). A visual language was developed with a warm palette and illustration style to differentiate the brand from stereotypes of AI as a cold, technology-driven industry disconnected from humanity. A single page website was designed to begin the process of positioning AIR as a collaborative for the Canadian community in health and AI.

Thank you to the Pivot Design Group team for your brand and purpose-first design thinking philosophy!”

Head of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health