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A Compelling Visual Brand for a Global Neurosciences Event

Naming and logo design for a brand new event highlighting collaboration and innovation in the digital neurosciences community.


A physician and researcher at Roche Canada approached PIVOT to promote his global event on the latest Digital Biomarkers in Neurosciences. This practitioner was looking for support from PIVOT to develop the right tone, look and feel, and name for this new event.

Working closely with the client, we explored other logos identities in the field to gain an understanding of the preexisting visual language. “What would these experts be used to seeing from other neuroscience researchers and organizations?” and “How can we set ourselves apart from the landscape as the place to turn to for expertise and collaboration?” became our two main questions for this brand design project.

Logo design process


Most visual identities in the space catered towards the futuristic and digital aspects of the theme, so we developed a concept more reflective of the human and connection aspects of the science and research community. The letters forms come together to draw the outline of a brain while the colour palette suggests energy and collaboration in the industry.

In the naming process, we not only drew inspiration from the landscape but also intentionally used a naming technique known as name blending—which combines two or more elements that represent the brand attributes to create something new and unique. PIVOT developed the name and a number of branded items for the event planners to use, including: custom zoom backgrounds, social media assets, digital ads, powerpoint template, letterhead, and logo assets.


In the midst of a pandemic, PIVOT worked to develop ways to shift the event from in-person to an online format to generate greater interest from the global Neurosciences community. This event will now be staged annually by Roche Canada.

Powerpoint template and zoom background assets created for the global virtual event.