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Customer Personas Help Users Navigate Insurance Service Offerings

TD Insurance was looking for ways to better engage their customers across insurance offerings.


With a slew of user research from a marketing perspective, the TD Insurance team came to Pivot looking for a way to make the research findings more tangible. The key project question that we set out to address was: How can we leverage this information to make our Insurance offerings more relevant to our customers?

Pivot sketched the future state from lo-fidelity to hi-fidelity wireframes.


Pivot set out to understand the previous research documents which provided a dense look at analytics as well as customer sentiments about each of TD’s individual insurance lines. The underlying fact seemed to be that when comparing insurance rates and offerings across banks, a recommendation from a friend or family member would always far outweigh most of the sales tactics used by the bank. Knowing this, TD wanted to leverage their existing customers to cross-promote other insurance lines.

To synthesize the research and provide a future-state design, Pivot developed the concept of a "blog style" website providing example stories of “People Like Me”. The stories allowed existing customers to see how others took advantage of TD's insurance offerings. For example, a car insurance customer could benefit from adding-on home insurance and travel insurance in a bundled offering that would provide them with added benefits to combining services.

The concept site was designed not to look "too TD" so as to maintain arms length from the brand and allow internal teams to treat it as an idea with potential to grow. “Ask Tricia” became the name of the concept site where users could go to browse customer profiles, select relevant life stage details, and then learn about how to get the best from their insurance offerings with TD.


The future state concept design acted as a method of research synthesis and was well received by the TD Insurance team.