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XPrize Competition: VITALITI - UX Strategy Leads Innovative Diagnostic App Creation

The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is an international competition where participants are selected to create an innovative consumer technology and user-friendly mobile app


The theme this year was HEALTHCARE and participants were tasked with creating a mobile app that could diagnose up to 16 different medical conditions and continually monitor five key vital signs for 72 hours without a physician.


With the help of the team’s medical director, Pivot developed research-based algorithms for diagnosing each condition and a simple, personable user interface to guide users through the diagnostic process. We created the “brain” and the user interface.

In the final stage of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition, real people with real medical conditions will be using, testing and evaluating each device on user experience to determine the competition winner.


Out of 330 teams worldwide, we were in the top 7 and the only Canadian finalist. Ultimately, we were awarded the Bold Epic Innovators award for pushing boundaries with our unique design and approach.

Pivot's Ian Chalmers (far right) and the entire CloudDX team accepting the 2017 prize for Bold Epic Innovator in California.

Diagnosing patients without a doctor is the stuff of science fiction. Pivot’s wealth of expertise in design research, user experience, and interaction design helped us achieve the impossible. Their informed design approach and creativity helped us translate medical diagnostic algorithms into meaningful user experiences. We look forward to winning the competition with the app Pivot designed.”

Medical Director, CloudDX